Monday, 8 March 2010

Up The Junction (Part Two)

Sunday was too good a day to miss, so we went down to Potteric Carr.  The last time we were there, we'd been impressed by the place and thoroughly enjoyed our day.  That was despite being bitten mercilessly by the insects.  Its a good walk round, with a great place to eat lunch, Low Ellers Junction Cafe, in the middle and, oh yes, more than a few birds.  Here's the cafe, taken in September.  The clue is the lack of fleeces.  It was as bright on Sunday, but a good deal cooler.  I'd recommend the cheese and onion flan.

There was nothing to be seen as glamorous as the Bufflehead that was in Dorset this weekend, but I managed a list of 28, including Bullfinch, Long-tailled Tit, and a surprise pair of Redwing.  There were Great Crested Grebes in full breeding plumage on most patches of water - a sure sign of spring.

A really pleasing first for the year were some well camouflaged Snipe, bobbing in the reeds.

No matter  where we go at the moment there are so many noisy Black-headed Gulls.  I suppose their heads turning "black" is another sign of spring which we should be grateful for.  But it was a real relief to find one or two Common Gull to relieve the monotony.

Finally, there were a few Gadwall here and there.  Not a great picture, but a duck worth praising.  Neat, simple, but satisfying.  As I said, a day too good to miss.

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  1. Looks like a great spot. Yes, last time I was in the UK I got bitten badly by your little Blackflies at a lake, and I thought our Australian Sandflies were bad!